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Born to swim baby and child swimming Lessons
From 8 weeks to 11 years old.

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Research documents the stimulating effect baby swimming lessons have on small babies as young as 8 weeks old. Early swimming lessons have the potential to increase eating and sleeping patterns, concentration, alertness and perceptual abilities.

You will also notice a marked difference in strength endurance and co-ordination.
Babies as young as 8 weeks old begin our courses with limited range of movement and start off quite vulnerable, yet after the first course there is a visible difference in strength and confidence.

Natural Instinct

Babies are born with the natural instinctive ability to hold their breathe underwater (mammalian diving reflex). By using a successful methodology of word association and repetition, BORN TO SWIM will teach your baby/toddler how to control their natural breathe holding reflex,whenever their face comes into contact with water.

We start with breath holding exercises, to control their breathing, we then gently introduce submersion, starting from 1 second ‘facial swims’ increased as your child’s ability improves. Soon you’re little one will be swimming underwater from teacher to parent, kicking, floating comfortably on their backs and much, much more…..


Classes run with a maximum of 12 parents and babies as BORN TO SWIM promotes a class environment as opposed to one on one sessions as more often than not, this will be your little ones first social outing and they look forward to seeing their “swim mates” Mothers have actually told our instructors that if they miss a session their little one becomes irritable.
Course run for five weeks at a time and they run consistently.
Classes run for half an hour once a week.


Using a “bridging system”, each week we introduce a new exercise related to the level of progression. At BORN TO SWIM we incorporate nursery rhymes, games and toys to make learning fun and fear free. Starting from our Starfish level from the ages of 8 weeks to 12 months, all the way up to our dolphins level from the ages of 3-4 years old we do not use armbands or rings, instead, we teach you the parent/carer the correct holds and bonding techniques to swim your child in a safe baby paced environment, thus eliminating the false sense of security given by flotation aids to early.

Early swimming lessons promote a healthy, positive foundation towards a lifetime of fun in the water.

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