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Born to swim baby and child swimming Lessons
From 8 weeks to 11 years old.
  • STINGRAY 4 years to 10 years old

    stamina improvement is the aim in this level. We focus on building stamina to progress to 25 metre warm ups. Skills are front crawl, backstroke and improving breaststroke.

  • PIRANHA - 4 years

    Putting all components together we work on stroke perfection, front crawl and backstroke. Our key objective is to swim 10 metres front crawl with lateral breathing.

  • DOLPHINS – 2 years to 4 years.

    To enter this level you must have completed at least 2 BORN TO SWIM Shark levels. This is an advanced class and here we bridge all parts to concentrate on the whole.

  • SHARKS  – 13 months to 4 years.

    This level is for all toddlers who have completed all previous BORN TO SWIM aquatic levels or very water confident toddlers who have attend other structured swimming lessons. In this level we concentrate on unaided kicking and stroking.

  • SEAHORSES  – 12 months to 4 years.

    This level is an introduction to water for toddlers who have never swum before. Our aim here is to increase comfort and confidence in the water. To do so as well as teaching the correct aided kicking and strokes we incorporate noodles, toys ,nursery Rhymes and games to make learning fun and fear free.

  • GOLDFISH - 18 weeks to 12 months.

    To enter this level your baby has to have completed both levels one and two.
    This level is repeated until you baby is 12 months old. This is a very important level for your baby as this is the time we start to introduce the correct kicking and stroking techniques as your child has now developed more strength and motor skills.

  • STARFISH - Baby Level One - 8 weeks 

    Based on an introduction to water for both mother and baby. This level is taught at a gentle, gradual baby pace. By the end of this first level your little one will be kicking in the water, floating comfortably on their back, swimming underwater from teacher to parent and much more

  • ANGELFISH - Baby Level Two - 13 weeks

    Level two is for all babies who have completed the Starfish course. This level introduces more underwater work to increase lung capacity and independent holds to allow your little one more range of movement. We then start to bridge excersises and techniques together.

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