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Born to swim baby and child swimming Lessons
From 8 weeks to 11 years old.


Water Toys


Noodles £5.99 each

Colours red yellow blue and green.

The noodle is an important aid to help your little one to swim. It’s a great tool to practice and enhance kicking, arm movement and balance.


Floats £6.99 each

Colours red/ blue yellow and white.

This piece of equipment is great for everything. Kicking on front and back, breathing, and over arm recovery.

photo 1

Goggles £5.99 each 

Colours pink, navy and red light blue and orange.

Anti fog adjustable head strap and adjustable bridge. Comfortable and sturdy.

 photo 4

Wetsuits £24.99 each

Baby and junior wetsuits. From sizes 2 (6 months) to size 12 (10 years)

colours available red/black pink/ black blue/black grey/ black yellow/black coral/black


Early swimming lessons promote a healthy, positive foundation towards a lifetime of fun in the water.

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Pictures by Urchin Rock

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